Harp strings

Harp strings for lever harps and pedal harps

Harp strings

We have in stock the vast majority of Bow Brand strings for Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps as well as all strings for Dusty Strings harps.

  • Strings for Salvi et Lyon & Healy pedal harps
  • Strings for Salvi et Lyon Healy lever harps
  • Strings for Salvi et Lyon & Healy electric harps
  • For all Dusty Strings harps
  • Pirastro nylon strings for first and second octaves
  • No international shipping costs
  • Always in stock
  • 10% rebate on Bow Brand octave and complete strings set
  • Usually next day delivery at low cost

All Bow Brand strings for Salvi and Lyon & Healy harps

Bow Brand Natural Gut

Bow Brand Natural GutThe standard

For all Lyon & Healy and Salvi pedal harps as well as for the Lyon & Healy lever harps: Prelude, Troubadour VI et Ogden and Salvi Ana, Gaia and McFALL harps.

Bow Brand Burgundy Gut

Bow Brand Burgundy GutSame quality and tone, reduced price

The same quality, exceptional tone and durability as Bow Brand Natural gut strings. Reduced price due to a slight visual imperfection.

Bow Brand Concedo Gut

Bow Brand ConcedoUnique white, textured coating

The coating used to color the red and black strings is reused to color all other gut strings in white. This provides a uniform feel throughout the octave and improves strings visibility when the harp is used in a dark environment.

Bow Brand Pedal Wire

Bow Brand Pedal WireThe standard

For all Lyon & Healy and Salvi pedal harps as well as for the Lyon & Healy lever harps: Prelude, Troubadour VI et Ogden and Salvi Ana, Gaia and McFALL harps.

Bow Brand Pedal Nylon, Lever Nylon

Bow Brand Nylon (Pedal & Lever)The alternative to gut strings

Depending on the type of harp and the desired string mix, nylon is often a popular choice for the first octaves. Nylon strings for octaves 3, 4 and 5 are also available depending on your harp or for personal reasons.

Bow Brand Silkgut

Silkgut syntheticSynthetic strings for Salvi harps

This type of nylon strings are used on the Salvi lever harps of Salvi Juno, Mia, Titan and Hermes.

Bow Brand Silkgut Copper

Silkgut copperFor Salvi Una harp

This type of strings is specifically used on the Una model by Salvi. They are used as a transition between silkgut strings and metal strings.

Bow Brand Lever Gut

Bow Brand Lever GutGut strings for lever harps

Smaller in diameter than pedal harp strings, Lever Natural Gut strings can be used on most of Salvi lever harps as an alternative to synthetic strings.

Bow Brand Lever Bass Wire

Bow Brand Lever Bass WireFor Salvi lever harps

These are the standard metal strings for Salvi lever harps as well as for the Lyon & Healy Silhouette electric harp.

All strings for Dusty Strings harps

Dusty Strings Nylon

Nylon monofilamentFor most of Dusty Strings harps

From the high register to the semi-low register, the majority of Dusty Strings harps are made of monofilament nylon strings of different diameters and colors.

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Nylon core / nylon wrapFor most of Dusty Strings harps

Most 34 and 36 string harps are made up of these transitional strings between the nylon strings and the metal strings. They make up the semi-low register of these harps as well as the low register of 26-string harps.

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Steel core / wire wrapThe standard metal strings

These strings make up the low register of most Dusty Strings 34-string harps.

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Bronze core / nylon wrapFor 36 strings harps

Replaces metal strings on 36 strings Dusty Strings harps.

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Nylon core / wire wrapFor the Serrana 34 harp

Designed specifically for the Serrana 34 harp, these strings replace the metal strings on this Latin-inspired harp model.

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Standard Pedal GutFor the Boulevard Classic 34

From the 2nd octave C to the 5th octave D, these gut strings mainly make up all the strings of the Boulevard Classic harp.

Ordering harp strings with us

While it is preferable to always have a complete set of strings on hand, we understand that the unexpected happens. You can order single strings, octaves or complete sets with us. You will get the same 10% discount with us on octaves and complete sets of Bow Brand strings.

We will eventually have all strings charts available to you as well as an online store. Until then, you can order strings by contacting us by email.

Strings for Salvi et Lyon & Healy.

If you need strings for your Lyon & Healy and Salvi harp, you can refer to harp.com for the strings charts. Then all you need to do is specify the note, octave and type of strings and send it to us by email.

Website harp.com is the reference for Lyon & Healy et Salvi harps. If ever we didn't have the strings you need, you can definitely order them with them.

Strings for Dusty Strings.

Ordering harp strings for Dusty Strings harps is easy. You just have to specify the model of the harp as well as its string number, string # 1 being the highest.

Until the strings charts are available, you can check the Dusty Strings website for reference.