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In 1977, Ray Mooers was on the path of a dentist career when fate intervened and the course of the world of harp and hammered dulcimers was forever changed.

What were the pivotal moments? Well, there was that first encounter with the magical sound of a hammered dulcimer at the "Northwest Folklife Festival". With his roommate Randy, they made their first instrument using a kit from Virgil Hughes. Their hobby got out of hand very quickly. Ray married Sue and they acquired a saw table as a wedding present. Dusty Strings became a formal business in 1979, with Randy as a founding partner.

Facing repeated requests from their customers and after the design of many prototypes but above all, listening to the invaluable advice of musicians and manufacturers, harps were added to the Dusty Strings products in the early eighties. The list of harp models has continued to grow ever since.

As of 2016, Dusty Strings has manufactured over 36,000 instruments and the team has grown to over 45 employees.

Ray and Sue still work hard today; although they are inclined to attribute most of the company's accomplishments to the support and dedication of all of their employees.

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Dusty Strings harps

The sound of the Dusty Strings harps is characterized by a clear sound, uniform throughout the range, excellent resonance and the power of the lower register; which make them the harps of choice for popular and folk music.

Ravenna harps

Ravenna harps are available in 26 and 34 string sizes as well as in four colors: natural, black, burgundy and green. They come with a few options, which contributes to their good value for money.

FH26 Double

Special harps

Although Dusty Strings specializes in popular, nylon strings harps, the manufacturer also offers a model with standard pedal gut strings as well as two very special harps: a Latin-inspired harp as well as a double strunged 26 strings harp.


FH harps

FH is the premium Dusty Strings harp models. Ranging from 26 to 36 strings, the harps in this category are offered in five different types of wood, each with their own sound characteristics: Sapelli, Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Bubinga.

Harp selection

FH26 Noyer
FH26 Merisier
FH26 Érable


Nylon, 26 strings
FH34 Merisier
FH34 back
Base FH34


Nylon, 34 strings
FH36H Bubinga
FH36H Merisier
FH36H Érable
FH36H Noyer


Nylon, 36 strings
FH36S Bubinga
FH36S Bubinga
FH36S Bubinga
FH36S Bubinga
FH36S Bubinga


Nylon, 36 strings

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